Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 4CH Video Security System Review

Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 4CH Video Security System

4-Channel 1080p Tribrid DVR with Pre-Installed 2 TB HDD / 4 x 1080p (2.1MP) Cameras / Easy Smartphone & Web-browser Access (MAC & PC) / VGA & HDMI Output / Backup to External Storage via USB This system utilizes HDCVI’s closed-circuit design with analog cameras while also connecting with your IP cameras (up to two). Watch things happen as they happen: receive real-time, highly reliable HD video without loss or delay, transmitted at ultra-long wireless range. HDCVI provides a highly secure closed network as well as a painless and non-complex plug-and-play setup process. A new cornerstone in the consumer market for private security technologies and an unsurpassed value with Amcrest’s 1 Year US Warranty, each system is further enhanced by DIY installation and the plethora of features outlined below. A monitor or television is recommended for the initial setup.Amcrest Tribrids offer the advantage of supporting HD Over Analog side by side with IP cameras. These systems bring crisp 1920x1080p resolution to the closed-circuit platform while allowing you to take advantage of existing CCTV/coaxial infrastructure.

Our Review Of Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 4CH Video Security System

Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 4CH Video Security System

Amcrest has launched a Full- HD 1080P 4CH Video Security System. It offers the benefit of supporting HD over Analog with the addition of IP cameras. It also comes with a USB backup feature and powerful IR-LED night vision. The cameras are made from heavy duty material so you don’t have to worry about them out in the weather. The product is simple, consistent, secure, and provides you with the protection of having added security. With its professional grade security system, you never have to worry about unwanted trespassers.


• 1 x 720p 4-Channel DVR w/ Pre-Installed 1TB HDD.
• 4 x 1MP Bullet Cameras.
• 2 x 60ft Cables.
• 2 x 100ft Cables.
• 1 x 4CH Power Supply.
• 1 x DVR Power Supply.
• User Manual and Quick Start Guide.


• Net weight of 15.8 pounds
• High-quality HD video at
• 1080P IP67 tough dome camera
• 3.6-millimeter lens
• Broad 75° viewing angle
• 12 high-intensity IR-LEDS for night vision with automatic turn on when low lighting is detected
• 2 TB hard-drive allows for 360 hours on 8 channels in 1080p at 30fps
• View and record with remote viewing on web browsers PC/MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Why use Armcrest?

Armcrest has a professional grade system. You do not need to worry about gaps in footage or video lags due to their top notch security applicatins. The video that is recorded is very clear and you are able to see details easily. Your Amcrest Tribrid system has the ability to capture all the action using a DVR, which allows you to handle all four cameras easily. The cameras have the potential to connect from point-to-point straight to the DVR for an effortless ‘plug and play’ setup. The Tribrid DVR is the control system for all of the cameras. The cameras can be utilized for day and night surveillance. The high end and unique remote sensing technology makes the buy worth every penny spent. All of the camera channels are HTTP enabled for easy control and viewing.

Final Verdict:

The final verdict after reviewing this product would be that this device is worth the price tag. These cameras have the ability to transform the way security systems are currently being used. With crystal clear video and an easy to use interface, this camera should be at the top of your list. This security camera is a must in every home or valuable space without a doubt. The product comes with a lifetime support warranty making it the perfect buy for anyone.

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